Monday, February 9, 2009

Paul at the Grammys and everywhere else.

Steve Marinucci live-updated the Grammys madness over at Beatles Examiner-- lots of good stuff there for the curious, including video of Paul's performance with Dave Grohl. Paul had been nominated for tracks on Amoeba's Secret, the recording of the live set he did at Amoeba in Hollywood in 2007. And Ringo had been nominated for Best Surround Sound Album, which I didn't know was even a category, for Ringo 5.1. Neither of them won anything, further proving that the Grammys suck-- but at least Ringo lost to Mussorgsky, which is sort of understandable, whereas Paul lost to freaking John Mayer. Twice. Anyway, check out Steve's site for more.

It's thanks to that I know of the existence of this EW interview with Paul, which is a quick but good read, as most of their interviews are. He talks about the forthcoming Rock Band game, among other things.

Finally, more Paul-and-Nancy engagement speculation from, of all sources, the Hindustan Times. Well, I'm sure they would know.

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