Thursday, March 19, 2009

An easy game to play.

Two of my great loves are the Beatles and trivia. Which should be abundantly clear by now here on the blog. I'm not particularly good at trivia games, but I like to play bar trivia, you know, talking shit about the other teams and obnoxiously high-fiving team members and stuff like that, and I also like to play Trivial Pursuit and do pretty much the same thing. My husband, who is actually incredibly good at trivia games, is usually the quieter, classier team member who's actually, like, ANSWERING the questions, whereas I tend to be yelling and and drinking and keeping score and coming up with bizarre wagering strategies.

The one kind of trivia I do excel at is Beatles trivia-- at the bar, I always pray for Beatles trivia questions, because THEM, I will know the answers to. But alas, it rarely happens. That's why I think it's so cool that Sandra Lean-Fore of Australia has invented a Beatles trivia board game called Beatriv. (Thanks to for the tip.)

I do very much like my trivia games in board game form, so I'm psyched to see this out there. Be sure to also read Sandra's fascinating story of fandom and how the game came to be here at the Beatles News blog.

You know, there was another Beatles trivia game once, I think in the '70s. I have NEVER found this again on Google or anywhere else. All anyone ever seems to remember is the Flip Your Wig game, released by Milton Bradley in 1964 as part of that's year's merch blitz. (I've never played it, and wouldn't say no to it as a piece of memorabilia, but the game itself sounds kind of dumb.)

But I have played another game, I swear, one with trivia questions. See, in college, I had this friend who was obsessed with the Star Wars movies. And she had a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game, which was cool and stuff, but she couldn't play it with anyone we were friends with, because the rest of us were not real Star Wars fans and never got any questions right and just weren't that engaged anyway. Well, she brought a Beatles trivia game once back to the dorm from her parents' house to show me, and I was talking about how I'd have the same problem-- no one to play it with. So she and I came up with this genius idea where we'd play her Trivial Pursuit (just because we liked the pies) but I'd ask her the Star Wars question cards, and she'd ask me Beatles question cards. And it worked fairly well for a while, even though the Beatles game was terrible-- there were many typos, and some answers were actually WRONG, which was infuriating.

But it totally existed. I wish I remember what it was called, Anyway, it's a good thing there's now a better game available-- at least in Australia. Because the only other game out there for game-loving Beatles fans is the Beatles Monopoly game that came out last fall. Which is fine if you're a Monopoly fan, but I prefer the trivia myself. 

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