Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whither remasters?

Today, Gibson has a piece up about the ongoing misery of waiting for a remastered Beatles catalog. For those not aware, the catalog hasn't been remastered in like 20 years, basically since the first CD releases, and, technology moving along in the way that it does, now the Beatles sound crappier on the kids' modern music-playing devices than, say, the Four Seasons-- which gives that old Vee-Jay album some new resonance. Think about it: today, in the Beatles vs. the Four Seasons, the Four Seasons win.

Anyway, the article also talks about the work of Purple Chick in releasing all the stuff that Apple is too dumb to release on its own-- and it IS dumb, because if history has proven anything, it's that Beatles fans will buy the same stuff in different formats over and over and over again (myself included) and that there is still, after 40+ years, a gajillion dollars to be made. I mean, look, I work in sales, which is maybe why I don't understand why Apple doesn't just want to make this money already. Am I being shallow?

Instead, Purple Chick is making NO money releasing some of the best bootleg material out there. Google Purple Chick and you'll see what I mean. But, shhhhh. You didn't hear it from me. You heard it from Gibson.

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