Wednesday, April 15, 2009

George gets a star.

I always thought the whole star-on-the-Hollywood-Walk-of-Fame thing was basically a big racket and essentially meaningless-- and maybe it is-- but it didn't stop thousands of fans from coming out to see George Harrison ceremoniously given one. Here's the Reuters writeup. And Steve Marinucci, the Beatles Examiner, has an even better writeup that links to lots of YouTube clips of people speaking. What Tom Hanks is doing there is a mystery to me, but, I mean, whatever. By the way, Dhani: call me!

We've also been fed more details on the Harmonix Beatles Rock Band game that I have been essentially breathless about from the moment I learned of it. The special bundle will contain a replica Hofner bass as well as some kind of nearly-replica version of the Ludwig drum set. More here. And, see, since I love Rock Band, and since I will need to purchase the Beatles' Rock Band game once it's out, I've been thinking about going ahead and getting the original game (or Rock Band 2, or both) and and an XBox to play them on right now. But now I kind of want the replica Hofner bass too. Ah, decisions.


  1. I don't get why there are no guitars. I understand if they can't keep that 'reasonable' price point without limiting themselves to a couple of instruments, but surely I'm not the only one who doesn't have Rock Band (and, therefore, any instruments) but would like to buy this. And I can't see myself ponying up $250 (plus whatever a console costs) and not getting a guitar out of it.

  2. Well, if it's like the original Rock Band, you can play the guitar thingie as a bass OR as a guitar-- you just select it from the menu onscreen. Of course, to have a bass player and a guitar player in your band, you need two guitars, and the original Rock Band only came with one (a second one was sold separately). So theoretically you can play the Hofner as a guitar, but even THAT sounds weird. As the article notes, they likely couldn't get rights to a Rickenbacker.

    I've been reading more and it sounds like you'll be able to buy the Hofner separately. So now I'm thinking, I can buy Rock Band now, then buy the Hofner once it's out, and thus have both a guitar and a bass.

  3. Hey, it's Eric Idle! He's looking like Mr. Magorium. If they're getting old, I think that means I'm getting old.

  4. Every one of them knew that as time went by they'd get a little bit older and a little bit slower.