Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midweek Playlist: Hidden Gems.

Today: songs you may have forgotten how much you liked.

Listen in any order you'd like, and repeat until your Wednesday afternoon blues just melt away.

Anything I've forgotten?...


  1. Depends whether you 'forgot' Eight Days a Week, Sun King, Please Mister Postman, All Together Now, Run for Your Life, Baby It's You, I'll Be Back, Tell Me Why, and maybe even All I've Got to Do on purpose or not. Discuss. Although maybe that'd be a little long for a playlist.

    It probably warrants mentioning that your list is excellent.

  2. Howdy from the tenor section! :) I'm just having a blast looking at your blog today! Great way to procrastinate re: some grunt work I'm putting off as long as possible.

    How come we have almost precisely the same taste re: favorite Beatles songs??

    Anyway, I think "'Til There Was You" could be on today's list. Always loved Paul's vocals on that one, and I assume it's George's tasteful acoustic guitar work there, but I'm guessing.

    And OK, I'm jumping around here but I think "It's All Too Much" is one of their all-time best songs AND recordings. Miraculous. Viewing the Yellow Submarine movie when it came out was the height of my (very passionate at the time) Beatles fandom. Yes, I'm ancient...

    Also, thanks for the tip on "To Know Her..." Great recording; I think I played the YouTube six times today!

    Thanks Megan!
    Tom R.

  3. Troy, "Eight Days a Week" is played on oldies radio far too frequently to be called a hidden gem. But otherwise, your picks are solid-- but I did have to stop somewhere, and I decided to selfishly limit myself to songs that I could link to on my own blog. Thanks for the kudos.

    Tom, nice to see you... "It's All Too Much" is really good indeed, which is why it's here-- I ended up covering that while on a business trip and didn't end up giving it the attention it really merited. C'est la vie. And by the way, if you liked "To Know Her," I have this whole freaking sales pitch worked up for Live at the BBC that I can share any time.

    By the way, you both, and everyone else, should feel free to drop me ideas for future playlist themes.

  4. Here's a playlist idea from an actual playlist I made: Songs That Are the Most Fun to Sing, which was created but not actually utilized on a trip to Amsterdam. I'll help you get started: The first song on it is Baby's in Black. In fact, you can just about put most of For Sale on it. Mine ended up being a 12-song playlist.