Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey, kids, last weekend was The Fest for Beatles Fans in New Jersey, which, sadly, I missed, as I have done with all past Fests. (HOWEVER, I've decided to definitely go to the one in Chicago in August! Anyone going? It'll be my first Fest and I'm already super excited. More on that later.)

So anyway, at the Fest Bruce Spizer, renowned author and Beatles Fan Extraordinaire, presented on new products coming out in 2009. (And cheers to Beatles News for this info, by the way.) We all know, of course, about a certain little video game that I'm already unbelievably excited about. But there are a couple more things that were news to me: like this!

From Beatles News:
USAopoly, the company that produced last year's Beatles Monopoly game, will be releasing a Beatles Trivial Pursuit game this August under licensing agreements with Hasbro, Signatures Network and Apple Corps Ltd. The categories include: History; The Beatles in America; Movies; Albums and Singles; Songs; and On Their Own. Each category has 72 cards consisting of two easy, two moderate and two hard questions. The 2,592 questions were written by Bruce Spizer, who joked that the game would be coming out as soon as USAopoly finds someone to write the answers.
See, I was just talking about how the world needs one of these last week! The Beatle gods have granted my wish. And since Bruce himself wrote the questions, I won't be plagued by any faulty information in this game. So I'm psyched for this.

The other new product is nice, but, I mean, well-- here.

Again, from Beatles News:
Box of Vision is an attractive 13" x 13" x 3" linen-covered coffee table box designed to hold Beatles CDs and booklets. It contains a storage system that holds up to 32 CDs and their accompanying booklets. The box also contains two 12" x 12" books. One has the complete album art from the U.K. and U.S. Beatles albums, including the full 24-page booklet from Magical Mystery Tour. The other book details the U.K. and U.S. albums, providing the release dates, list of songs and text by Bruce Spizer. The project was conceived, produced and directed by Jonathan Polk, a former chief operating officer of Capitol Records.

You can find more information about Box of Vision and preorder your own copy at
I know it's not an official Apple product, but this kind of thing slightly brings back flashbacks for me. I'm sure it's very, very beautiful.

But it doesn't exactly bode well for the Beatles ever making it onto digital formats.

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