Sunday, May 17, 2009

Non-Newsflash: Harmonix is a tease.

In a Softpedia story linked to by Beatles News, Harmonix basically admits that they are going to torture us by slowly trickling details of the Beatles Rock Band setlist out as painfully as is humanly possible.

That's okay, Harmonix. I can take it. I am, indeed, hanging on your every word, your every press release. It is sweet agony. But eventually 9/9/09 will get here and I will hold a plastic Hofner or something in my hands and I will know the truth. And the truth will be awesome. I hope.

Speaking of which, last week they did release images of the Hofner bass replica, which will probably retail for about the same ($100) as the replicas of the Rickenbacker and the Gretsch-- though of course it will come in the deluxe package as well.

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