Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So although my day sucked this morning, it has gotten amazingly better thanks to the fact that it turned out that yes, as many signs were pointing to, Paul McCartney IS going to play Fenway Park, and also that, yes, I FREAKING GOT TICKETS. Or, rather, my husband did, since I am clearly not good at the internets, and I called him in his office at 10:05 this morning weeping and screeching about how I couldn't log back into the site after selecting something wrong and I needed him to log in too because otherwise the tickets would have been gone and we were losing precious seconds even talking about this. My husband is truly the world's most patient man.

Anyway, yay! So here's my plan: I'm seeing Paul on Wednesday, August 5, and when he plays again the next night on the 6th, I'm going to hang out outside Fenway with a cup of coffee and a flask and listen to it again. Who's with me, Boston kids? Then I'm going to try to stow myself away in his van. Well, maybe not. Depends on the security level. We'll see.

(Deep breaths, Meg. Dial back the crazy just a hair. Ah.)


  1. Glad you got tickets. The powers-that-be announced yesterday that McCartney will be playing Atlanta on August 15. Pre-sale tickets go on sale today for American Express card holders, of which i am one of about a zillion.

  2. Gees, he's totally touring! But you know what? This is kind of obnoxious. Why not just announce tour dates so that people know what's going on? Like, the Boston rumor happened to get out early. But if I hadn't known about the rumor, I would have gotten tickets to the show in Washington and crashed out on my sister's couch, and spend the money getting there, yada yada. It would make everyone's lives easier if he just committed to a tour. This secrecy stuff sucks.

    That said, you should get tickets!!