Friday, July 17, 2009

Are you seeing Paul in NY this weekend?

If so, or even if not, get yourself pumped with this webcast from CBS. The other night on Letterman, we heard Paul perform two songs on the show from atop the big Ed Sullivan Theatre marquee. But he apparently hung out for a while and did a mini-concert for all those fans gathered on Broadway to watch. (By the way, if I worked in New York you can bet I would have taken a sick day to see this. I look at those people in the video and all I can think of is that the envy must be visibly wafting off of me, like stink lines. Come on, Paul-- isn't there some Boston rooftop that you want to come visit and do a random show on top of?)

Anyway, the video's good-- he does "Coming Up" and "Band on the Run" and some actual Beatles songs too. Squee!

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  1. Thanks so much Megan for posting this link. I had missed it live. Great song choices, i thought. I do have to say, though, that i thought the directing was quite poor. It seemed like the director punching the show had no sense of the music what so ever. It seems like he/she felt the location was more important than the performance, and as a result did not really capture it, IMHO. Nothing wrong with making the location part of the concert, as it clearly is, but the rhythm and choice of shots was wrong. Again, IMHO. Compare this to the classic rooftop performance and filming in London. The production team on Letterman should have watched it and taken notes.

    This aside, I thought Paul looked good and sounded fine. Nice idea.