Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Rock Band song list: it grows!

I'm waaaaay late to this compared to other Beatley news sources, and Troy beat me to it in comments, but I feel the need to point out that there's a new Beatles Rock Band trailer which reveals more of what our Rock Band playlist will look like. Is anyone else bouncing up and down in their desk chair in anticipation? Just me? Oh.

Here are the new songs we now know about:

"Paperback Writer" (oh my God, the fun my choir geek friends and I will have trying to sing the harmonies to this one!)
"Within You Without You" (the version from Love, which has been acoustically intertwined with "Tomorrow Never Knows")

This is in addition to the song choices already revealed in the original trailer, as covered here. All the new ones seem to be good choices, though "Within You Without You" is a little weird. But when you consider that Dhani Harrison has been so instrumental to putting this Rock Band thing together, you start to see how there might be a particular interest in making sure songs by George are well represented, even if they're not the ones that best lend themselves to the Rock Band treatment.

By the way-- the video looks AWESOME. You must watch the trailer. Immediately.


  1. And Your Bird Can Sing actually has me reconsidering whether I can pull this off. If I could find a used console cheap, maybe. I couldn't do the deluxe, though. If they add some more of my top 10 and announce for sure that the top 100 will be downloadable -- I've seen conflicting reports -- I'll be sorely tempted.

    I think they put in Within You Without You just so they could make it look like it does in the new trailer ...

  2. I'm crossing my fingers for "She Said She Said," personally. And now that "Twist and Shout" is here, we know that they've managed to secure rights to some covers, too. Which means that if I'm REALLY dreaming, I can dream about "Leave My Kitten Alone."

    There's gotta be a cheap used console on Craigslist or something. If not, well, you and the rest of the blog world are welcome to come play at my place in Boston this September, at least. Bring some booze over and we're on.

  3. I was just reading in Lewisohn's book how they only did five takes of Kitten and never revisited it, meaning they immediately gave up on it, and that John didn't even ask for an acetate to take home. Weird. It was the same night they did I'm a Loser and Mr. Moonlight. Totally could have worked on that album.

    Hey, you don't suppose we're enormous geeks, do you?

  4. I would never suppose that. However, I'm a TERRIBLE Beatles geek because I don't even own Lewisohn. I had checked out the original editions (back when it was two separate books) from the library way back in high school, but never committed to buying them due to scant funds at the time, and now I am sort of used to not having Lewisohn around.

    That's actually really embarrassing to admit. But even if I owned the book, I'm always too lazy to double-check any of the assertions I make here (sometimes I check something on my keyboard, but that's it). So I'm a lazy, cheap geek. The worst kind.

  5. Nah, it'd be no fun to check work. I just happen to be skimming through all the recording entries after going through Anthology withdrawal. Before that, I hadn't opened it since I bought it in 2001. It's not like I can quote it chapter and verse.

  6. Yeah, but I should buy it. I feel like I have way less cred for not owning it. Besides, Lewisohn is kind of hero. I may as well contribute to his royalties.