Monday, September 14, 2009

Hey! I'm back!

Hey kids! Thanks for reading and for all the great LP-related comments while I was gone. I'm freshly home from my trip to Peru and Bolivia (though perhaps "freshly" is the wrong word, since after my experiences with international air travel I am, frankly, a bit rank) and ready to commence to blogging again. I think. I could crash at any point, honestly.

We walked in the door tonight to find my preordered copy of the Beatles mono box set waiting for me. I squealed a bit, but haven't had the time to even start listening to it yet. This makes me very sad-- I can already tell that zillions of other (smarter and more popular) commentators have beaten me to the punch, and in addition to the listening I clearly have a lot of reading to catch up on. This week is going to be so busy, what with the standard getting-back-to-work crap that necessarily follows vacation, that I don't know when I'm going to have a few hours for some good solid listening, but you know that when I do I'll be writing about it. Doubly so for the Beatles Rock Band game, which I expect to arrive here shortly as well...

My trip was amazing, but pretty non-Beatley. I figured that the most Beatley moment would be a particularly overwrought version of "Yesterday" on panflute that we were treated to over plates of cuy at a lovely restaurant in Cusco. But later-- on the evening of Monday, 9/7, in fact-- we were in La Paz, Bolivia (the world's highest capital city) walking through the streets of the relatively hip Sopocachi neighborhood, when we passed a movie theater advertising a Beatles movie every night of the week. In fact, Bolivia, too, was under the spell of 9/9/09, and was celebrating all the releases with a film festival. It was too awesome to pass up. We came back an hour later and watched A Hard Day's Night with Spanish subtitles and laughed and sang along with all the awesome Bolivian Beatles fans. It was fantastic. And it made me feel like part of the larger Beatles community during that magical week.

Anyway, I think normal blog posts will resume tomorrow. Thanks as always for continuing to tune in. You guys rock.


  1. Ditto. Glad you had a great time in S.A., and are back home safe and sound. I look forward to a continuation of your wonderful posts once you get over your travel lag.

    Also, it is great to have a new header picture. Thanks for taking the time to change it so soon upon returning. I have to admit I'd grown a bit tired of the last one! (smile) This new one is amazing --- the different geometry angles the guys achieved in their individual jumps. That must have been quite a photo session.

  2. "I can already tell that zillions of other (smarter and more popular) commentators have beaten me to the punch"

    Wrong! I'm sure anyone who's read this blog will very much welcome your comments and thoughts on the remasters.

    Welcome back,
    John Carvill

  3. Love the blog! You have really helped me appreciate the early albums. The mixture of fan with heart on sleeve and analytical voice is perfect. Hope you are having a blast with the Mono box set. Looking forward to your thoughts on same...with best wishes from Ireland - Niall