Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new daily fix, new product lust, etc.

If you like to do the Twitter thing, you'll love The Daily Beatle, brought to us by the folks at the always excellent Hey Dullblog (which is always over there to the right on my blogroll). There's going to be a quote, a link to a story, or some other fun exciting thing posted every day. Follow it!

I like daily things having to do with the Beatles, so I support this effort. Even though I'm not on Twitter myself. I don't know. Should I be? I haven't gotten around to joining. At any rate, I'm posting that Daily Beatle link for myself as much as anything, so I can check it out each day without actually joining Twitter. Yay!

In other news, WogBlog reports a release date on the vinyl remasters of the complete Beatles catalog: October 4, 2010. I can't believe they can keep make me wanting this set of songs over and over again. And yet they do. But then I look at my record collection and realize that I listen to records less and less frequently, because really it's just EASIER to plug in the iPod and shuffle things and so forth. And I'm not enough of an audio geek to get into how the sound is different on vinyl so much (also, I take horrible care of my records, and I haven't replaced my needle in ages-- picture me blushing in shame here). So I think I won't buy this set.

(I'll just lust after it from afar.)


  1. Megan, you can add Twitter feeds into an RSS aggregator (or at least you can in Google Reader).

  2. Hi Megan, thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll, you are the first person to do that! (I'm really new to this) I can't wait to spend time looking through your archives this weekend as your blog looks amazing. I like to think about the boys at least once a day too! shirley x

  3. OK, I don't have a record player so I can't see myself buying these. But I wish they sold a set of the album covers without the albums inside. Is that insane? But I would love to have those nice fresh copies of the album covers for art purposes to hang on a wall at my house, or just to collect.

    It will be fun watching the vinyl fascists go crazy ranting over whether these albums have been created from the analog, or the digital, etc. etc.

    -- Dee.

  4. Actually, Dee, YES. I would totally buy empty vinyl covers just for decorating purposes. All of my vinyl is so beat up that none of it's suitable for that right now-- I mean, I only started collecting records in the first place because you could get beat-up used ones cheaply, back when I was a teenager with no mone. But fresh ones would be nice. Take note, Apple Corps!

    Hi Beat Girl! I like your new blog. :)

  5. Great blog Megan - excellent writing.

  6. The remaining Beatles to reunite? You decide...