Thursday, January 22, 2009

Backwards Beatles

No, we're not doing the "Turn me on dead man" trick for the thousandth time, at least not today. I just want to draw people's attention to JBev, the intrepid fan who ranks each Beatles song in backwards order on JamsBio. It's an amazing effort and super-thorough, and even when I disagree it's fun to read.

And trust me, I DO disagree at several points. I put it to you: Is "Day Tripper" actually worse than "Only a Northern Song"? (Answer: NO NO NO.) Et cetera.

Seriously, give it a read! I've seen it linked from lots of places and only made it through the whole article now after a few days of returning to it, but it's interesting. And JBev seems to actually know stuff about music, and write elegantly about it, and isn't all just like "OMG THE BEATLES 
R SO RAD" as I am on this blog most of the time.

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  1. JBev did a great job, and I commend anyone that will sit down and write a little blurb about the songs, what it means to them, etc. (and of course, thank you, our dear author), however he is immensely disagreeable (it is a disagreeable task, having to "rank" the canon) and has a rabid pro-Paul bias which, at times, clouds his analysis (my favorite example jumps right out at you in the first sentence of his entry for "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da").