Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playlist for Angry John.

As we know, John Lennon wasn't always much of a peacenik or a feminist. A bunch of Beatles songs showcase the rage, the jealousy, and the insecurity of the man whose bearded, peace-sign-flashing visage would later adorn so many college dorm room walls. Of course, we love him anyway, all the more so for his very human complexity.

If you're feeling angry or just off at all, here's a playlist for you. It's also good if you feel like making a super creepy mix tape for your brand new girlfriend or boyfriend, or if you're just feeling kind of kinky and want to let John abuse you for a while. (Hell, I won't judge.)

4. "Girl"


  1. Heck, Meg, I'd play that list any time in a heartbeat. Great songs, whether they stemmed from an Angry John or not.

  2. I've been trying to think of Paul's angry songs. ... Hmm. Perhaps For No One? Although that's seems more depressed and disappointed than angry. Maybe I'm Looking Through You. What about Get Back? That has a bit of anger in it, doesn't it? Then there's Another Girl. But it's so poppy, it just doesn't seem that angry. I'd also put I'm Down and You Never Give Me Your Money on the list.

    Problem is, Paul's voice is so sweet and smooth, he doesn't ever "sound" angry. On his latest cd, "Electric Arguments," there's a song called "Nothing too much out of sight" in which Paul goes on a pretty furious tirade (presumably about Heather). It's about as unPaulish a song as I've ever heard. I like it, though, but I imagine anyone who wants polished pop Paul wouldn't like it. I also love "Too Many People" from his Ram album. That's fairly angry (and a great song).

    It's interesting, though, to think about why we don't hear more anger in Paul's songs. He must have it in him. I think some critics hold that against him -- how can you be "authentic" unless you're angry in rock? But then, with all of John's anger, wouldn't an angry Paul have been too much for one band? Food for thought.

  3. It IS interesting about Paul and his anger, and I agree that there's something in his voice. Paul does a lovely vocal, but John's vocals always strike me as more emotive, or something-- when he sings about any emotion at all, including anger, I feel like he means it more, whereas Paul is always performing. Even in "I'm Down" and the like, I hear this almost conscious decision-- "well, gotta put on my awesome rock star voice for this one!" This truly isn't a criticism of Paul, it's just what I hear as a different style.

    I actually totally adore "Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight," though, because he does sound a little more off the hook. As he himself noted, the Fireman frees him up a little mentally, so I think he lets go more.