Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remastered CDs not geeky enough for you?

Well, you're in luck, because the whole catalog is going to be released again, this time on vinyl.

MOJO had the story on its website yesterday. And, you know, I like records a lot. But even I might be too exhausted at this point to lay out more money. I swear, though, if they package Let It Be with a reprint of the original photobook, I might yet relent....


  1. I won't be buying the vinyls. I'd love to, but I've spent enough on Beatles products lately. I also won't be buying the apple-shaped USB with all the Beatles music and digital artwork that was just announced. After offering nothing but those same old 1987 CDs for 20 years, Apple and EMI are really appealing to all the various customer demands now, aren't they?

    FYI, in the "Box of Vision" that came out (it's not an Apple product; it was put together by some other company, with Apple's OK), there is an album sized coffee table book that reprints all of the original album work from both the US and UK versions. I'm not at home at the moment but when I am, I'll look to see if the book includes a reprint of the Let it Be photobook. I think it does.

  2. If it is included, it will only be available in the box set version where you have to buy all the albums at once!

  3. Remastered CDs not enought for me? Hell no!

    Actually, I love the new remasters, particularly the mono box, but once I got my old, battered 1969 copy of the 'A Collection of Beatles Oldies' LP out and compared, well.... any doubts that vinyl sounds better were swept away. The new CDs sound as good as CDs can sound (although a later, higher resolution digital format may yet offer more), but they are still CDs. On vinyl, the music just leaps out of the speakers.

    If the new vinyl reissues are proper heavy vinyl, pure analogue versions, then I may be interested. Otehrwise what's the point? Digital vinyl? Like alcohol free beer.

    Just heard about the apple-shaped USB drive. SOunds like the kind of gimmicky shit the *other* Apple corp would come up with.

    That Box of Vision thing sounds like it would just rub your face in how much better album art looks on LPs rather than CDs.

    Sorry about the negativity. On the upside, the newly remastered CDs, as well as costing me a pretty penny, have led me back to vinyl Ironic, eh?