Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hold Me Tight

I don't have tons of time today, what with the rest of my non-Beatles life, so today I'm just going to dance around and listen to "Hold Me Tight."

Paul's clearly having a good time, delivering a fun and not very polished vocal (in a good way-- doesn't it sound like he has a cold?). He doesn't sound as flirty and sophisticated in this come on as in his some of his others-- he sounds more like he's just really super excited. Love Ringo's drumming too. It's just a totally fun, uncomplicated song, a perfect fit on With the Beatles, one of my favorite albums for its sheer danceability.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the release of Meet the Beatles, the as-always-vastly-inferior American version of this album, so I could have listened to this song then, but the inauguration seemed more interesting, ultimately. Besides, songs this fun defy such solemn exercises as celebrating anniversaries.

Since the actual video is sort of boring to watch, you'll have to amuse yourself by dancing. But how can you NOT?

"Hold Me Tight," released in the U.K. side B track 2 of With the Beatles, November 22, 1963; in the U.S. side B track 4 of Meet the Beatles, January 20, 1964.

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