Monday, September 7, 2009

The Beatles on Film: A Hard Day's Night, Help!, & Magical Mystery Tour

Hello all, a quick update on Meg's Beatles films reviews (which will conclude tomorrow and Wednesday):

A Hard Day's Night:
"A Hard Day’s Night is, on the surface, a particularly well-done musical comedy, but it’s also about youth and all of its dissatisfactions and injustices in a more general way. It remains as beloved as it is not only because it involves the Beatles, but because its taste for liberty—and for mischief—is so universally understood."
"If A Hard Day’s Night takes a realistic approach to exploring themes of escape, Help! is itself sheer escapism. Nominally a chase movie, it’s less of a coherent statement than a series of episodes of increasing silliness, though, it must be said, it is an engaging and frequently quite clever silliness that more than holds your attention."
Magical Mystery Tour:
"The Beatles’ first film established them in the public imagination as hilarious and talented but also resolutely normal, while their second film pushed their normalcy to its outer limits by playing up their wit, eccentricity, and unwitting heroism. InMagical Mystery Tour the Beatles become more unreal, or perhaps _sur_real, as characters, even as they continue to play with our conceptions of them as normal working-class lads."

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