Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August news.

Back in the office following the red-eye, and will do some Beatles listening shortly-- most likely late in the afternoon. But now that I'm back from work-related travels, this seemed as good a time as ever to warn you, dear readers, about some non-work-related travels that are coming up for me. On August 28, I'm going on vacation to Peru and Bolivia for something over two weeks, and as ambitious as I am, I am not ambitious enough to pretend I'm going to maintain the blog while I'm in the middle of the world's largest salt flat. (This is kind of my dream trip-- it satisfies some of my non-Beatley interests, of which I have a few. We're flying there entirely on credit card points painstakingly saved up over almost three years. I always tell people that bit, because almost my favorite part is that we got the bastards at Citibank to pay for this. ROCK.)

While I'm gone, there will be some album-in-review pieces, written by yours truly, posting here almost every day (I think-- my hope is that by saying this now, I will be motivated to write them), so keep reading-- it will be a nice refresher before going into the home stretch when I'm back. And my friend Rumsey, who's a reader and occasional commenter, will be hanging out and moderating things if they need moderating. If you're lucky, he might even give you the latest scoops on the Beatles Rock Band game in those last couple weeks before it comes out-- he tends to know things.

Which brings me to this: I don't get back to the States until September 14, so I will actually NOT BE HERE for the magical date of 9/9/09. Obviously, this is a little bit tragic-- but I wasn't about to rebook the South America trip over it, so there you go. Anyone who gets their Rock Band games or remastered CDs on the day of release should comment away on how they sound/look. Then when I get back I'll try to catch up. There will be much to discuss, and some more songs to listen to, too. As I've said before, we don't have enough songs to make us through the year, but if my math is right, this two-week break will allow us to get into October before we're done.

The point is: keep reading! And thanks for reading so far! It means a lot. You guys rock.

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  1. Have a great time! Remember, it's winter there. I think Boliva is in the low 70s day, 50s night. Pretty nice, i imagine. We'll miss you. Send a post card! Vaya con dios! Tienes un bueno tiempo.