Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playlist for packing for South America (or just for singing.)

This is more of a personal one, but these are the songs that have been keeping me company as I get ready to go off on my jaunt to Peru and Bolivia-- as I hurriedly try to learn Spanish, pack winter clothes (39 Fahrenheit the other night in Cusco!! do you know how awesome that sounds to me here in 90+ degree Boston??), and figure out how to book bus trips in Bolivia on the internet (answer: with difficulty). 

When I'm doing any kind of busy work, I work best by singing along. Yeah, call me freaking Snow White, whistling while I'm working. Make fun. But the fact is, whether or not you've got anything going on, you'll find this to be a great list for SINGING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS. At least I hope so. Try it in the car! Or nominate your own singalong faves in comments, obvs. There are tons of others that could have made the cut-- the Beatles are wicked singable.


  1. Seriously very very excited for your trip. I'm not even going, I just can't wait to hear about your adventures! AND I remembered to put those VW photos up. Voila, the yellow submarine that lives on my street.

  2. Great selection of songs, Meg. Enjoy your trip. Send postcards!