Monday, February 2, 2009

So much disappointment...

Argh, I KNEW it. I just freaking KNEW it. News is out that Paul scrapped plans to tour in 2009 because it would interfere with his relationship with young Beatrice. See, I've been down about this ever since June of 2007, when John Colapinto published his profile of Paul in the New Yorker. It went on and on about what a great divorcee dad Paul has been, which is very lovely and stuff, but I remember my heart sinking, because if it were all true I knew that Paul wasn't going to tour until Beatrice was a teenager. Rumors that Paul might venture out again have been surfacing lately, and I'd allowed myself to get hopeful, especially since he seems to be EVERYWHERE these days: The View, Colbert, and now headlining a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation and the Coachella Festival, of all things (Dhani Harrison's band is playing there, too, FYI). Apparently if I'm to get a live Paul fix anytime soon I will have to make my way to one of those things. Big sigh.

In other news, another article about the continuing inaccessibility of Beatles' music in digital form, this one from NBC. Maybe if these articles keep coming out, Apple Corps and EMI can be shamed into doing something about this. Think of the children! Listening to some crap on their iPods, never knowing of the existence of Beatles' songs other than what's on One... It's clearly a tragedy waiting to happen. 

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