Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another sad anniversary.

Gees, these crappy anniversaries just come running smack into each other at the end of the year, don't they? Anyway, it's now been 29 years to the day since John Lennon died. That's kind of weird, isn't it? I don't have much to add to the wave of online remembrances that I'm sure are lining up in my blogroll (over there on the right), because I was only about a year and a half old when it happened, and I don't have any memories. He's just always been dead for me. A little like the way, say, Abraham Lincoln has always been dead for me. Gad, that's depressing.

But I still get sad every year, even though I have nothing personal to really add to all the grieving. I like to think that if John had lived, the (if we're honest) fair-to-middling Double Fantasy album would have been kind of a blip in a long career of much, much better music. I don't have any reason to believe this, only a strong desire to believe this. I also kind of wonder what John would have thought of Beatles-bonanza years like 2009 has been. He tended to not go for that kind of intense nostalgic stuff, and we probably would have heard a lot of snarky quotes about how the Beatles were just a band and we should all get a life. But I think he would have okayed it all even so. Money talks. And besides, I can kind of see him enjoying Rock Band. He strikes me as the kind of guy who could dig a good video game. He'd probably also be about spending all day watching YouTube, as I've been doing these past few hours. He and I share a common lethargy. (We would have been so good for each other. Oh well.)

Herewith some videos of John that I like. This is one of the good songs from Double Fantasy, made into a very sweet video.

This is John reading a teleprompter at the 1975 Grammys, possibly while drunk.

John reading and dramatizing pieces from In His Own Write on the Not Only but Also show in 1964...

Please go elsewhere if you want to watch the "Imagine" video once again, is what I'm saying. I prefer to think of John this way.

And of course also with songs. John's generally best when singing, and this is some of my favorite singing ever. At least, you know, today.

13. I'll Be Back



  1. Excellent playlist. But did you have to end it with I'll Be Back? Or are you trying to make us cry?

  2. Iw was John that introduced me to the Beatles, in a way, because my mother's family liked his solo work. So, in my childhood, i thought of Beatles as "the band that John Lennon was a part of". Ironically, when I paid more attention to the Beatles work, I liked Paul's songs more...But I will always be fond of his work in both eras, even though I've heard "Imagine" enough for a lifetime (and, apparently, you too).

  3. Ditto Troy. Solid playlist. Have you noticed Meg, that some of the You Tube clips you have posted in your past blogs are no longer available to listen to and watch. EMI suit over copyright.

  4. Yeah, Frank, I've noticed, but I can't seem to replace them fast enough. It's so darned frustrating. If you ever notice any in particular, feel free to leave a note on the post-- I've finally figured out how to be notified when people comment, so I'll see it. Thanks!

    As to trying to make you cry, well, yes. If you don't feel like crying, you're doing it wrong. Seriously, though, "I'll Be Back" came up on random in my iPod this morning and was sheer bliss. It was the perfect song for me in that moment. I love it when that happens.

  5. Megan ... IF I FELL is not available on your March post. You mentioned you get a "cue" of some sorts when someone leaves a comment. Is there a way for us to be notified when you post a new blog? Wonder if something exists for that? I know on some sites there is a box to check when you leave a comment and want to have other follow-up comments emailed to you. But, that's a different thing.

  6. Oh, i just noticed the "Subscribe by email" option here to receive follow up comments via email. Never noticed it before. Is that something new you've added or has it always been here???

  7. Meg: Was just standing across the street from 3 Savile Row, having a smoke and listening to Get Back and Don't Let Me Down and thinking of you a bit (although I was off by a day, huh?). What's weird is that no one else was doing the same! I had imagined I'd be trading knowing looks with other people with headphones.

    Frank: Do you subscribe to any RSS feeds? I know this site feeds through to Google Reader, and if you start aggregating at a reader like that, you'll find yourself checking it pretty regularly. I just keep mine open in a window all the time and check it every so often and when Meg posts, it shows up in the reader.

  8. Frank, I think that's always been there, but Google put it there-- I let them handle everything vaguely technical here. I hear that RSS feeds are nice too, per Troy. Thanks for the If I Fell tip-- I'll go try to fix that.

    Very envious to hear you're in London, Troy. (And also that you're smoking, since I've just quit for like the twentieth time and am feeling slightly fragile, but that's another blog.) It's one of my very favorite cities. Maybe the Londoners are so over the Beatles sites all around them that they can't be bothered. Besides, 12/8 always seems to be a bigger thing in New York.

  9. I can't watch that 3rd video (of Lennon with Paul Simon) without cringing.

  10. I remember sitting on my sofa very late in the evening when the news came about his death. My husband was still at work. (Yes, at 11:00 or so at night) and I was very pregnant with my first child. I remember thinking how sad it was going to be that my kids would never "know" him.

  11. I'm glad I have so many great memories of John while he was still alive. Just watched "The Beatles On Record" again last night. I never get tired of watching or listening to anything Beatles' related.