Thursday, March 5, 2009

Insert Beatlemaniacal scream here.


Not much here yet, but I'm going to keep checking it out, and I signed up (as can you) for email updates.

09-09-09 canNOT get here soon enough.


  1. I haven't really been able to "pick up the sticks" on a console game in a long, long time.
    But this? You mean I get to (sort of, kind of) pretend to be a Rock Star with the Beatles canon... hmm... I might-maybe-could make an exception to my general gaming aloofness, provided I don't also get the Beatles Rock Star experience of seeing Sgt. Norman Pilcher show up outside my apartment asking to check my living room...

  2. I'm with you-- I feel fairly ambivalent about video games. No, not true-- I actively hate video games. But Rock Band is something else again. It is awesome, even when you're playing bad songs on it. But with Beatles songs, BLISS. And it's so rare that my knowledge of Beatle lyrics and riffs are ever useful outside of my blogging life! This will probably be the only video game that I'll ever actually excel in..

    Besides, the closest you're likely to get to any situations involving the fuzz would be the neighbors calling in a noise violation after listening to you sing "Helter Skelter" for the 800th time in your quest for world domination. Which is kind of understandable.