Saturday, March 28, 2009

Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias

Sometimes, when I wake up early on a Saturday morning all folded neatly into the blankets and start to stretch myself out of sleepiness, I crave a little cuddle with Paul McCartney.

Oh, yes, Paul, I AM tired. And we ARE together, and, thank you, I WILL stay. Gee, Paul, I love it when you sing in that quiet way at the top of your range. And when you sing demos like this-- as you do so sweetly elsewhere on Anthology 3-- it sounds so intimate, as if you're singing right into the back of my neck. Sigh.

I sort of understand why you gave this song to Cilla Black to sing, Paul, instead of putting it on the White Album, because "Step Inside Love" doesn't sound as suited for the Beatles as it was for a pop diva like Cilla. But if the song had ended up like this, it would have worked very well on McCartney, your first solo album, don't you think? You know, it sounds all breezy and sweet and casual, like we're just hanging out in bed and you've got a guitar and you're making up some adorable songs to wake me up and the sun is streaming in the windows and this whole day is just going to be nice and simple and pleasant as that melody you're coming up with.

And even when you launch into this "Los Paranoias" song it's still all right, and I'm waking up a little more now listening to you and John messing around. Even though during the White Album sessions you guys all called yourselves "los paranoias" as sort of a joke about how you were beginning to hate each other, it's very sweet to hear you getting along at least for now on this throwaway. Hmmmm. The sound of happy Beatles is so pleasant to fall back asleep to.

At least until I remember-- oh, shit, it's Saturday the 28th, which means CRAP I have that all-day chorus retreat, what the hell time is it? Crap crap crap crap. Now I'm jumping up from bed and looking frantically for pants, because I have about 10 minutes to get there, and the next track on Anthology 3 is "I'm So Tired" but now I simply don't have time to be. Oh, Paul, I'm sorry-- we'll have to snuggle another time.

Before I go, though, here's "Step Inside Love" the way it was actually meant to be heard-- as the opening theme song to Cilla Black's 1968 TV variety show, Cilla. Eh, Cilla's great and all, but I still like Paul's.

"Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias," released in the U.K. disc 1 track 23 of Anthology 3 October 28, 1996; in the U.S. October 29, 1996.


  1. Sorry, Megan. Can't agree with you on this one. The song just doesn't work for me. That said, i found your post interesting and informative as always.

  2. Honestly, Frank, I don't really love this one either. It does sound a bit too much like a TV theme song. But I do like the way Paul sings it...